Who Am I?

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I am an Italian interior designer and architect based in Dubai and shaped by the virtues of European traditions oriented towards the amazing possibilities of the interior design, decoration and architecture. I am passionate also about art, fashion, graphic design, travel and photography. By being a perfectionist in fine details, I always look to tell a story of creativity and a story of love by creating interiors that feel comfortably sophisticated, fabulous and cosy.


More about me

I was born in Gravina in Puglia, a little town in South Italy, where every single day of my childhood was surrounded by historical-architectural buildings, archaeological sites and monuments. My passion for Interior Design, started at the age of 7, indeed I loved to rearrange my home furniture and also, I remember helping my aunties transform their homes with my inherent knack for mixing bold patterns, combining colors and decorating walls by creating replicas of famous paintings of the most important artists such as Klimt, Dalì, Picasso, Modigliani and so on...

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My Works

My creative process begins by listening to my clients then contemplating how design can make their lives more beautiful. I never forget that the design is always about the people who live in and I make it a reflection of their own life. I am constantly influenced by the colors, shapes, textures and design that are unique and different. The beauty is in the details: originality, flexibility and preciosity. My greatest satisfaction comes from creating interiors that combine a graceful sense of art and style as well as a perfect juxtaposition of lighting, color, texture and form to create dynamic spaces with an eye for the utmost in quality. Italian elegance and style certainly have an important role in my designs by adding a little unexpected glamorous touch that screams luxury.



Get your space designed in your own style and budget
all online!

I will be happy to offer an e-design service for you which is very affordable and will definitely save your time. Some pictures of the place you would like to re-style will be needed for me to transform it digitally within just 10 working days. We will start the conversation by filling a questionnaire detailing your needs, while sending you an offer for the job and thus kickstarting the transformation.

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Step 1: Questionnaire

The questionnaire helps me to learn about you and your design needs which will make me aware about your style and color preferences, budget and wishes.

Step 2: Pictures

Provide me with pictures of the room while I guide you with the same.

Step 3: Measurements

Taking your room dimensions ensure that the furniture layout is functional for you. I will provide you with easy steps for measuring your room while guiding you with the same.